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Innovative Wallcoverings by Innovations

Posted July 1, 2013 | Categories: Interior Design


The annual Hospitality Design show in Las Vegas is one of the leading exhibitions of Interior Design vendors and products in the nation. Designer/Project Manager Ginger Lunt took note of some of her favorite vendors and products and shared them with the rest of the Philpotts Design Team at a recent “Pau Hana” sit-down this past May.


Ginger shared her thoughts and findings on a company called Innovations in Wallcoverings Inc. Since their induction in 1975, the company’s primary goal has been to create and provide innovative and original wallcoverings and textiles. They continue to inspire the Interior Design community with new, fresh and exciting products.


Innovations in Wallcoverings Inc. offers a variety of natural and metallic textiles perfect for residential dwellings. They also provide sturdy, durable wallcoverings for heavy traffic offices and areas exposed to the natural elements.


Here are some of Ginger’s other favorite findings from the HD Show:

• Origami

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• Woof Leaf

• Mediterranean

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