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Forbes - Inside Park Lane Ala Moana's $26 Million Grand Hawaiian Penthouse

 Written by Mady Dahlstrom


Luxury meets location in Honolulu’s newest premium condominium development, Park Lane Ala Moana. Taking full advantage of ocean views, offering resort-like services and amenities with the privacy and security of an estate home, Park Lane balances a sense of community with the tranquility of a tropical retreat. Boasting over 200 ultra-luxury residences, Park Lane’s newest unveiling of its 5,668-square-foot grand penthouse proves that this property is unlike any other residential condominium in Hawaii.


San Francisco-based interior design firm ODADA and Hawaii’s Philpotts and Associates combined their sense of luxury with their knowledge of what luxury buyers want, to create this high-end residential property. David Oldroyd, principal designer and president of ODADA, designed Park Lane to bring the nature of the Hawaiian lifestyle to luxury living. “Park Lane is meant to feel like a collection of homes, rather than a condo,” says Oldroyd. “The goal was to create something that would capture what is wonderful about private living.”



Unfolding breathtaking views of the ocean below, this four bedroom and four and a half bathroom penthouse just barely glazes over the tops of palm trees at six stories tall. The Hale Mahina penthouse (Hawaiian for “House of the Moon”), features the indoor-outdoor lifestyle that Hawaii is known for. Entering the penthouse through a private elevator, you are instantly surrounded by 270-degree views of glass, ocean, and volcanos.



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Innovative Wallcoverings by Innovations


The annual Hospitality Design show in Las Vegas is one of the leading exhibitions of Interior Design vendors and products in the nation. Designer/Project Manager Ginger Lunt took note of some of her favorite vendors and products and shared them with the rest of the Philpotts Design Team at a recent “Pau Hana” sit-down this past May.


Ginger shared her thoughts and findings on a company called Innovations in Wallcoverings Inc. Since their induction in 1975, the company’s primary goal has been to create and provide innovative and original wallcoverings and textiles. They continue to inspire the Interior Design community with new, fresh and exciting products.


Innovations in Wallcoverings Inc. offers a variety of natural and metallic textiles perfect for residential dwellings. They also provide sturdy, durable wallcoverings for heavy traffic offices and areas exposed to the natural elements.


Here are some of Ginger’s other favorite findings from the HD Show:

• Origami

• Yesterday’s News

• Woof Leaf

• Mediterranean

01.07.2013 | Interior Design

Tai Ping’s “Lost by Anonymous” Carpet Line


The Design Collective from Tai Ping “Lost by Anonymous” carpet line crated by an Australian artist who wishes to remain anonymous. The artist first assembled a group of drawings and paintings that examined the similarities and dissonance between lineal patterns, referencing cartography, historical textiles, and cultural examples. This body of work includes 20 designs. All designs can be color customized and the design can be adapted to fit any hospitality interior.


1956 by Tai Ping launched in Hong Kong in 1956 as a philanthropic endeavor to help preserve China’s tradition of artisan yarn spinning and rug making. It is now a global leader with manufacturing facilities in China and Thailand using the finest materials. Their premium hospitality brand serves many commercial needs and draws from a library of over 10,000 proprietary patterns and yarn colors to create woven Axminster, hand–tufted, machine–tufted, and Axminster carpet tile designs that surpass the industry standard.


Tai Ping’s “Design Collective” is a creative compilation of fresh and original designs that is sure to inspire and influence ones design direction.

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Ways to Get Lighting Right


Check out “10 Ways to Get Your Lighting Right” on Houzz. This article includes a sexy little lamp from "Waterfront Grace", one of our residential projects designed by Jonathan Staub. This may be just the inspiration you need to help you find your own personal style or make a bold new statement in your home. Good lighting is an incredibly easy way to make a good room great!


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SF Chronicle - Vacation Retreat Becomes Lanai Home

Written by Beth Hughes

Photography by Matthew Millman 



For a San Francisco native raised in the chilly, foggy Avenues, something close to heaven appeared decades ago off the bow of the SS Lurline, a posh Matson line steamer on the San Francisco-to-Honolulu run.


Hawaii - sunny with beaches of white sand lapped by water so welcoming a boy could swim year-round. Both grandmothers might be San Francisco natives, but Hawaii was his special place, a revelation where warmth caressed his soul.


Thus began a lifelong love affair with the islands. Throughout marriage and a move to sunny, warm Marin County to raise three daughters, the visits to Hawaii continued. Hawaii was not only his place; it was their place, the place outside the Bay Area.


And as retirement approached, the stars aligned when the couple spotted an advertisement for oceanfront property on Lanai in the Wall Street Journal. "We'd been there, and we'd seen it," said the boy's wife, a Larkspur native, who, like her husband, prefers to remain anonymous to protect the family's privacy. "We knew it was hard to find property on the water, so we thought we'll go and see what they had."


The let's-check-it-out trip turned into a let's-write-a-check moment as the Pacific Ocean provided a sparkling backdrop for views of Kahoolawe and the Big Island.


That was 1997. Today, the kid describes himself and his wife as "grandparent-type people," and the couple's second home on Lanai epitomizes the easy, unforced fusion of indoor and outdoor, Eastern and Western sensibilities that are the hallmark of Hawaiian style.

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