Urban Oasis

Hi Luxury 

October/November 2013


Publication text by Malia Mattoch McManus / Photography by Olivier Koning

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They refer to it as the house “that changed lives.” Designer Marion Philpotts-Miller and her husband, attorney Jeff Miller moved just before Christmas 2012 into a Tantalus home that once belonged to her cousin, designer Jonathan Staub and his spouse, Jeff Finney. Surrounded by tropical forest and a brilliant garden designed by Staub, the Millers enjoy not only spectacular views of Diamond Head every morning, but the orange sunsets in the west every night.


Many of the furniture pieces from their old home came with them, but they purchased two large, linen-covered sofas for the new living room. In their old house life was lived in a spacious kitchen. In the new home they spend more time lounging in the living room, or on their outdoor deck.


While her cousin had given the home a spectacular vibrancy with color, Marion wanted to quiet the home down for her own family. Before the move was even complete, she began adjusting wall colors. “ We toned everything down on the most part. Painted the whole house taupe and a quiet shade of lavender.”


“He (Staub) and Jeff left us a legacy. This house has that kind of grace. You fall in love with it. You don’t want to leave the mountain,” says Philpotts.


A punch of fuschia accents Philpotts' calming color scheme. Marion transformed the guest cottage into an homage to her husband's beekeeping skills. Family photos decorate "the beehive."