Bungalow Great


Inspired by Moroccan culture and colorful prints, Principal Designer Jonathan Staub and partner Jeff Finney open their home to us in the recent 2013 August/September Edition of HILUXURY Magazine. Jon notes that their new home is somewhat smaller than their previous residence on Tantalus Drive, but also states that “You don’t need a big house to live well”. Built in 1929 by renowned Architect Hart Wood, Jon and Jeff enjoy beautiful views of Kapi’olani Park and a breath-taking ocean skyline.


Jon admits about their new Hibiscus Place home that “…there are city vibrations, [and] you can hear planes”. Staub emulates these urban pulses with the bold color splashes of fuchsia and cobalt blue used on walls and upholstery. Lovingly nicknamed “Club Hibiscus”, Jon and Jeff spend most of their time outdoors in their new favorite space, a lanai-turned-living-room. “Club Hibiscus” is the perfect spot for hosting and entertaining guests, or just relaxing on a lazy summer day. Conceptualization, functionality, and high-design weave seamlessly together, making this home a unique and elegant treasure.


In the Family

The French side chair among other items in this room was given to Staub by his grandmother Muriel Flanders.

Photos by Oliver Koning

Painted Walls

The blue hexagram pattern was inspired by the painted walls of Morocco.


An ocean seascape by Hawai`i artist John Young add color and movement to the space, as ceramic candle lamps and an overhanging gorged-iron light fixture illuminate a spiral staircase.

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