Featuring Holly Boling Ruiz's Work

Perspective views by Jonathan Staub and Marion Philpotts-Miller



Based in Honolulu and San Francisco, Philpotts Interiors engages with two of the Pacific Coast's largest cultural hubs. Situating its work between the Bay Area and Hawaii creates an interesting dichotomy between legacy, location and culture. "Philpotts Interiors often serves as a cultural resource for our clients; we routinely employ local artists and craftsmen on projects to bring an undeniable authenticity to the work. Providing support to the art and local community has long been part of the company's policy," say Marion Philpotts-Miller, current principal.


In its spirited celebration of the ambiguity between insdie and outside, as well as its framing of nature’s majestic views. Modern Perch exemplifies Philpotts Interiors’ dedication to creating environments that exalt its sites. Staub says that Modern Perch, “is perched on a lava shelf above the deep blue South Pacific ocean giving it a front row seat.” Edges and opening frames accent this dramatic position with no sacrifices to the livability of the home. Staub points out that the breathtakingly framed views help to, “draw in the drama of the power of the water,” into the interior action of the house, effectively creating a seamless visual transition between nature and synthetic design. Philpotts accomplishes no easy task by creating contrast between design and nature, without competition-firstly, because the company wants to focus on the site and secondly, because it may not be wise to compete with a site as idyllic as this one. Through materiality, views and its subsequent composition, Philpotts effectively created a win-win situation for both inhabitant and designer.
Philpotts Interiors achieves a Pacific Modern sensibility through “typing in and referencing site, but not trying to replicate or over embellish it through the interior.” Since, “indigenous design is fundamental to [its] design foundation,” projects like Modern Perch and Royal Hawaiian Hotel can authentically recall things such as site-specific materiality, local culture and history, effectively providing a reflection of that periodicity and location, to the people that interact with the company’s interiors.


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Text by: Andrew Santa Lucia

Photos by: Modern Perch: David Franzen