Green Story on Our Building



We believe we should live the example of responsible and purposeful design. Our renovation and ownership of "40 South School Street," our LEED Silver award winning commercial building, has been a spring board for Green minded design for all our current and future projects. Applying Green principles benefits our clients, the globe and future generations.


Already being asked by our clients to provide green design for their projects, when faced with the opportunity to renovate an old, graffiti-ridden building in downtown Honolulu, Philpotts Interiors was up for the challenge. We believe being "green" is no longer just a sidebar, but a necessary element of contemporary design.


Our own building was retrofitted with photovoltaic panels, which convert sunlight into electricity; double-glazed windows, which cut down electrical consumption; low V.O.C. paint, which minimizes harmful effects to the ozone layer; and low flow fixtures, which reduce water consumption. 


Philpotts Interiors encourages our employees to become LEED certified so we can continue to offer the same services to others. By beginning with our own building, we taught ourselves and learned to be more sustainable.